Monday, July 22, 2013

Pete Compete's in Door County Half Ironman

Pete competed in the Door County Half Ironman yesterday. After months and months of training and an incredible swim and first half on the bike, Pete crashed around mile 38 on the bike. He took a turn too fast, which was wet and ended up with horrible road rash on his shoulder, arm, and a badly bruised and bleeding hip. He was finally able to get up and finish the 56 miles on the bike in an incredible time. Unfortunately his hip was injured and he couldn't complete the half marathon run portion of the race. 

He was sad and I felt so incredibly bad for him. I know he is sad, angry, and really annoyed. I love supporting him by watching Sam and Maggie when he needs to train, cooking him good meals, and yelling at him to push hard along race routes. There is nothing worse than watching the man you love dearly, train so hard for something, and lose a huge goal in a matter of seconds. But, he will heal and because his body took the brunt of the damage, his bike is in pretty good condition.

He will compete in another Half Ironman (and I have no doubt, many other triathlons) and next year, I hope he will do the Madison Ironman that he's been talking about for sometime. In a few weeks on August 10 in Milwaukee, he will compete in the national races against the best of the best in the U.S. in his age group. I will be there to cheer him on and support him. Until then, everyone pray for a quick recovery!

Below is a photo of the arm road rash.