About Me

I am a feisty organizer, planner and curious person. I work for a national trade association as a meeting planner and marketing professional. I love my job!

I am married to an amazing guy named Pete who is extremely competitive, always has a goal and is full of ambition. His life is focused on his two elementary aged daughters and triathlons. We married in May 2014.

I am stepmom to two amazing little girls who have taught me so much in a short amount of time; everything from wanting to be a better person to learning patience to teaching me what little kids like – and don’t like – to eat!

I live in the Green Bay, Wis. area. I've lived in the Chicago area, Knoxville, Tenn. and Washington, DC. The small city of Green Bay has taught me to slow down and enjoy friendly people and very little traffic.

I enjoy traveling, volunteering, writing essays and non-fiction, as well as cooking a variety of cuisines.

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