Friday, January 6, 2012

Start to a New Year

After having quite an interesting (and frustrating in many ways) 2011, I was excited to start the New Year. I don't know why but my even numbered years seem to be better for me than odd numbered years. Either way, outside of a lot of stress in 2011, there were also many great things, such as meeting new friends and a new beau.

To kick off the New Year, I went to the January 1 Packers vs. Lions football game with my good friend Erica. It was cold and we had flurries most of the day, which is just what you want for a football game at the frozen tundra in January! You can see photos of the game on my Facebook page.

On January 2 and 3, the beau and I went to Wausau, WI to go skiing at Granite Peak. This "mountain" is located about 1.5 hours West of Green Bay. I put mountain in quotes because after living in Tennessee, on the East Coast, and spending ski holidays in Jackson Hole, WY, you realize how flat Wisconsin is except for a few large hills. We stayed at the Stoney Creek Inn and I was chosen as the "Guest of the Week" so we were upgraded to a lovely suite with a fire place and large living room area.

We had a fun day skiing, although it was one of the coldest days this winter. It was about 14 degrees skiing, so very cold coming down the mountain. The beau was a race skier growing up, so he is incredible on the slopes. I was fascinated watching him come down the mountain. He was able to give me (a beginner) several tips and pointers to help me become a better skier and to feel more confident. Such a great guy :)

View midway up the mountain!
I just want to add that I get a laugh from the weather this winter. We had extreme winter temperatures the one day we went skiing and it's back up in the 30s and 40s a couple of days later. Except for a couple of inches of snow, we've had no other real winter weather in northeastern Wisconsin.

Happy New Year to you and your families. May you have a blessed year!

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