Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quick Overnight in the Dells

Pete and I are so bad about having our photo taken together. We either forget to bring a camera OR we have a camera and forget that we have it with us.

On a very rare weekend in August, Pete had a Saturday night without the girls so we decided to enjoy an evening at a bed and breakfast and a nice dinner in the Wisconsin Dells.

Obviously I am biased, but I think this is an amazing, awesome, and fantastic photo! It makes me realize that we need to remember more often that we have a camera!

This photo was taken at The Fields, which is where we enjoyed a beverage before going to the Del-Bar for dinner. The Fields is an upper scale restaurant in the Dells, but I can't say that their decorations are up-to-date. I'm not sure if they were going for the old 1970s Vegas look, but that's what you get! Although the place has questionable decor, the service is impeccable! I look forward to eating there someday.

Dinner at the Del-Bar was amazing. I enjoyed half a dozen of oysters from Prince Edward Island, which are oysters that are hard to come by in smaller Wisconsin cities. I highly recommend it for a romantic dinner or even a dinner with the kids!

And if you're looking for a romantic place to stay besides a huge Dells resort with lots of kiddos running around, I recommend the B&B Antiques and Lace. It is 12 miles east of the Dells and in the middle of nowhere. Pete said it reminded him of the movie Children of the Corn! Thank goodness I haven't seen that movie otherwise I wouldn't have slept! 

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