Friday, March 15, 2013

A Spring Poem

I am in a writing circle, which is probably one of the most inspiring and educational things that I've done in a long time. We are a group of women (always less than 10 in a circle) that has a facilitator. She helps us with our writing by offering advice, tools and writing prompts. We read our weekly writings to each other and offer assistance on ways to better our pieces.

I am not good at writing poetry and we took a crack and writing a prose poem in ten minutes in a recent circle. We each pulled seven words out a box to write a prose poem. As we're all sick and tired of the snow, the words and theme were Spring!!

The unpredictable windy weather in March,
Starts to strip off the shroud of winter.
There are no issues forth except finding the time to smell the scent of new tulips,
And wake up to dew on the bright green grass on an early July morning.

A little corny, but that's what you in ten minutes! :) More importantly, I hope spring is on its way since today is March 15 and it is lightly snowing outside.

I am ready to see beautiful flowers, bright green grass, and a lot of sunshine! Until then, I have photos of flowers.

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