Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dinner Club Loves Hibachi

I had dinner with my dinner club (the Culture Voyagers) this week at Nakashima...a fantastic Hibachi restaurant in Green Bay. We had such a great time and like last month, there were flames flying! A couple of the ladies shared a volcano drink, made with several different alcohols and then it was lit on fire. (I unfortunately missed this). The hibachi was fantastic and I shared filet, chicken and shrimp with a couple of other ladies. Hibachi is such a fun thing to do with a big group because you can talk (sometimes you need to yell over the noise) and it is interactive with your food being cooked at your table. We had eight ladies and fit around the table perfectly. I highly recommend it. Note: you will leave smelling like a restaurant!

On another note, if you love green beans like I do, and you're looking for another idea besides the typical Thanksgiving green bean casserole, The Washington Post Food Section posted several great recipes this week.

A lot of fantastic food cooking on that grill! Our cook was very humorous.

This month's Culture Voyager Group

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  1. Kol...Rabi!
    I need a good recipe for Kol Rabi!

    Happy Thanksgiving Beautiful!! XOXO