Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Babies, Babies, Babies

Yes, there are babies all around...and many soon-to-be babies among many of my friends.

Recently, I had the honor of throwing a baby shower for my best friend Amy in Knoxville, TN. I wanted to have a fun and casual baby shower without tacky games.

Decorating Onesies
Something I highly recommend for a baby shower is decorating onesies. I bought onesies for almost all of the guests to decorate and it was a fairly cheap activity, fun for the guests, and it builds the supply of onesies for the parents-to-be. I bought a variety of sizes (short and long sleeve) and a couple of colors other than white. To paint the onesies, I bought two sets of fabric paint markers from Michaels and it was just that easy! Don't forget to put wax paper, cardboard, or a box between the onesie so that the paint doesn't stain through to the back side. The fabric markers dry quickly, which allows guests to paint both sides. Note: I recommend getting a couple of old boxes and cut them to be able to gently stretch out the onesies - this will help with drawing and painting.

Decorated onesies doubled as decoration for the shower and new clothes for baby girl

Baby Shower Games that Aren't Too Tacky
I hate tacky shower games at all showers, but I wanted to do something as an ice breaker and to get people giggling a little bit. Below were the two games that we played and they were a success. For the winner of each game, I purchased a small plant as the prize. I thought this was something a little different and the winner could plant it outside or in a planter and enjoy this summer.

Baby Babble Word Scramble

Nursery Rhyme Fill in the Blanks - You think you know your nursery rhymes until you have to fill in the blanks. There were some funny answers, such as my sister trying to rhyme a word and coming up with crap! I explained that I don't think they'd put the word crap in a nursery rhyme. There are a variety of these games online here and here.

And of course, we had food. I hosted the baby shower from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. so that we wouldn't have to offer a full meal. Amy loves Red Velvet Cake so we did Red Velvet Cupcakes that I ordered from a bakery and they were so tasty (and one less thing to make!)

Guests enjoyed:
- Homemade Bruschetta
- Fruit Kabobs (Recommend buying a catalope and cutting it in half to stick the kabobs in)
- My mom's veggie pizza
- Amy's beef dip (which is so fatty and yummy)
- Mini Quiches
- Chips and salsa

Tasty food for the baby shower

Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting from The Cup

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