Thursday, April 2, 2015

I'm back...

I'm back to blogging! It has been several months since my last post, yet so much has happened in my life. I am excited to revamp this blog. Please share with your friends and family (subscribe on the right hand side of the page). I’ve been inspired, educated and healed through other blogs; you never know what will effect someone!

Please note the new url -

Life is good! My job is amazing and offers me great opportunities to grow professionally and I'm continually inspired by our members. I enjoy cooking new recipes and I write a lot of creative non-fiction stories thanks to a great writing group. I have been writing quite a bit during my free time for the past several months and everything inspires me - my childhood, career, marriage, parenting issues, step-family dynamics, cooking and battling picky eaters, house projects and the weather in the Frozen Tundra. 

Being a stepmom is wonderful, satisfying and scary (which is probably one reason for the growing numbers of gray hair on my head) and my husband is an awe-inspiring triathlete.

Pete and I got married this past May in Knoxville surrounded by 35 family members. Our blended family of four continues to grow and evolve as we face challenges (homework!!), successes (Maggie wearing one outfit for an entire day without changing) and triumphs (getting through a day with patience). 

I’ll share all these stories and more through my future blog posts! 

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