Friday, April 17, 2015

'Tis Triathlon Season

It is once again triathlon season for my husband, Pete, who is training for three half-distance races this summer and Ironman Kona in October. Training for triathlons (especially a full distance race) is like a part-time job. It takes a lot of time out of his schedule and our family's schedule, but Pete is dedicated and I am proud to support him while he accomplishes his goals and "climbs his mountains" in life.

I've met some amazing people through Pete's passion of triathlons and I enjoy cheering his teammates on during races and calling several of them my friends too. They are all inspiring people and while I don't have a strong desire to compete in a triathlon, they inspire me to "climb my mountains" and accomplish my goals in life. 

Ironman Wisconsin 2014
If you're not sure what tri season means, here is a guide!

An indoor training studio complete with CompuTrainer, fan, stereo and television. The indoor studio is for cold and rainy days, otherwise Pete is on the roads of NE Wisconsin training, often with teammates.  

Endless amounts of bikes (and the "need" for more bikes). Tri bike, road bike, mountain bike, fat tire bike...the bikes are endless!

Bike parts and more bike parts.

A massive amount of workout clothes (often left on the floor). Don't even get me started on the smell!

Several bottles of protein and vitamins.

Medical supplies for accidents and road rash!

Endless amounts of water bottles. We probably don't have nearly as many water bottles as other athletes, but between March and October, we clean water bottles every day. I imagine cleaning water bottles is just as annoying as cleaning baby bottles!

I am beyond proud of Pete! He is an incredible athlete and I am proud to call him my husband.

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